Local anchors

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  • 1

    Buggy. target=_blank is added on links so anchors open in a new window.

  • 2

    Buggy. Anchor links go back to the homepage of the webmail because it also uses anchor links for navigation.

  • 3

    Buggy. Clicking an anchor link does nothing.

  • 4

    Buggy. Opens a new browser window with the anchor as a URL.

  • 5

    Buggy. Opens a new in-app browser window on yahoo.com with the anchor appended to the URL.

  • 6

    Buggy. Targeted content is partially hidden by the application UI on top.

  • 7

    Partial. Works when targeting an empty anchor with the corresponding name attribute, but not with id attributes.

  • 8

    Not supported. Opens a new window with the same email.

  • 9

    The name and href attributes are prefixed by a specific mailruanchor_ prefix.

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