@font-face in CSS allows to include your own fonts inside an email.

Estimated Support About

21.95% + 7.32% = 29.27%


  • 1

    Partial. Only supported through a <link> tag.

  • 2

    Partial. Only supported directly through a <style> tag.

  • 3

    Buggy. Support depends on the version of IE installed.

  • 4

    Partial. The declaration is supported but distant fonts are ignored.

  • 5

    Buggy. Elements using a font declared with @font-face ignore the font stack and fall back to Times New Roman. Use mso-generic-font-family and mso-font-alt to control the fallback.

  • 6

    Not supported. Roboto and Google Sans can be used, but only because they’re embedded with the webmail’s own styles.

  • 7

    Not supported. The @font-face declaration is kept but the src property is removed.

  • 8

    Not supported when using a Microsoft email address; outlook, live, hotmail, etc.


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