Introducing the Can I email Embed

You can now embed Can I email’s data on your own site, blog posts, tweets, Stack Overflow‘s answers, etc. You can either use an interactive embed (using an <iframe>) or a live image (using an <img>).

Here’s an example of an interactive embed.

And here’s an example of an image embed.

Can I email… @font-face

Each of those is thought out to be responsive and performant (an interactive embed is only three requests and about 15 Kb gzipped while an image embed is about 40 Kb).

I’d like to send huge thanks to Ire Aderinokun whose work on the CanIUse Embed has been a huge help and inspiration.

As a nice side effect of all this, sharing a direct feature page (on Slack, Facebook, Twitter, …) will now show the live image of that feature as a preview.

You can read everything there is to know about The CanIEmail Embed at and generate your own code to embed on your site.