Caniemail’s Second Birthday 🎂

Two years ago, I officially introduced Can I email to the world. And while, once again, I missed the mark for a proper birthday party, it is still a good opportunity to summarize what happened in the past twelve months.

In this second year, the site received over 130 000 visitors and generated more than 1.1 million page views. 70% of visits happen on desktop.

The site received a huge spike of visits in may thanks to an honorable mention from Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks, then reprised on other news sites like Hacker News. It was also featured on Smashing Magazine in april and then in their september newsletter.

This past year also saw the arrival of new email clients on the site (, Fastmail and, as well as new features like the Can I email Embed and an updated Estimated Support calculation.

We now have 199 features tested across 33 email clients (up from 165 features across 30 email clients a year ago).

One thing I enjoy more than the rest is reading messages from people sharing the site on Twitter. I feel blessed to contribute to a website useful to so many people. So, if you want to support the site, remember to share it around you. This will make my day. Every. Single. Time.

Happy second birthday to Can I email! And here’s to a new one!