Back after a little winter break

I’m back after a little winter break! (I was working on a few other personal projects, namely french advent calendar 24 jours de web and troisdoublev, a very first video project dedicated to explaining what the Web is.)

This week, I added the CSS property letter-spacing following a request on GitHub. I know there are still a lot of requests I need to address on GitHub, some of them being less trivial than others. I plan on working on this and completing the site’s data in the coming months. If you have anything you’d want to see, feel free to vote on existing issues on GitHub or add your own.

Also, I plan on completing data for existing features so that each of the 110 features tested is tested through all 25 email clients currently used. I started by completing data for Orange’s email clients as a low hanging fruit. (Pun intended.)

Finally, late last year, I wrote a roadmap of what I have in my mind for the site in the future, in no particular order or timeframe.

  • Stats. Map support data to email client market share to see how much each feature is supported. (See related issue.)
  • Filters. Allow to filter email clients to only show what you’re interested in.
  • Versus. Compare two features to see which one has better support. (For example bgcolor HTML attribute versus background-color CSS property.)
  • Recipe. Concatenate multiple features and see support for them altogether. Using a + in the search field already allows to see multiple unrelated features, we now need to add a summary for support of them all.
  • API. Make all data available as an API for external use. (See related issue.)
  • Embeddable widget. Make data embeddable in any website through a widget. Lots of inspiration to grab from Ire Aderinokun’s widget for Also love how she made 488 “live images” from it for easy embedding in blog posts, conferences slides, and such.

If you have any other idea for the site, feel free to reach out on Twitter or on GitHub.

Happy 2020 and a great second year for caniemail!